2 years ago

Music Video I participated in.

I was the head stylist and make up artist on set.

male and female.

Burk Wedding 2011

3 years ago

Model: Jennifer Tennant

Hair: front-long layers back-round layers

Makeup: Urban Decay

Model: Molly Swan

Hair: level 5 brown to a level 10 Blonde


Model: Margureite Herder

Hair: Full Head Thermal Curls with hand teasing.

Objective: 1st place winner in the Designer Hair Competition. Designer:Guess

Make up: Jesse Sanith

Model: Heather

Hair: originally was a light ash brown. taken to a 5 RR/OR with a long layered hair cut and with a 90 degree textured technique.


Model: Kadi Boore

Hair:Fauxhawk inspired updo with colored extensions. The theme was Superheros for a Hairshow

Makeup: done by Holly Winterstein

Hair: Tri Color with highlights.

Aveda 4RR + 30g Lt. Purebase + 16g of intenseR

6RV + 16g of Intense RV/BV

Highlights- Color Swirl Pattern, Toned with the 4RR

Concave Graduation Haircut

Model: Brittany

Hair: Thermal Curls with a Partial Updo

Makeup: Make Up Forever

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